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The New Roadmap
Foundation is a non-profit
organization that depends
on public donations
to spread the message of
Financial Integrity.


From Financial Integrity

Imagine This: An Organization that Walks Its Talk

This is a story of the three C’s: Capital, Cushion, and Cache. (If you’ve looked into the nine-step Financial Integrity program, you know what those mean. If you don’t -- stop reading this and go to Step 8!)

There once was an organization, dedicated to the crucial idea of financial independence and teaching how to “live within your means”, that had to ask for money as if it didn’t have the three C’s. (Welcome to the intricate world of the US tax code.) New Road Map Foundation is that organization, and as you contemplate your year-end generosity, we ask you to consider this “FI” story.

The US federal tax code likes two types of charities: • Well-endowed foundations that may horde, so are required to spend their Capital • Service organizations that are experts at spending, so they’re constantly fundraising for Capital and Cushion.

Even after making a large investment last year to launch the 3rd “Most Useful Personal Finance Site,” New Road Map still has Capital, Cushion, and even a wee bit of Cache. In short, we operate sustainably! Unfortunately, the federal government is unfamiliar with sustainable, let alone with balanced budgets. NRM used to charge fees to help the world learn about the three C’s, and that kept the IRS happy. Now that we offer this life-changing wisdom FOR FREE, the IRS requires us to either spend down 5% of our capital each year (shortening the lifespan of this work), or raise 33.3% of our budget in “public support” donations. (Actually, the math is a bit more complex, but we’ll spare you the calculus. We’re so frugal that 33.3% isn’t a lot.)


Why “or less” you ask? Believe it or not, anything over that doesn’t count in the IRS math for 2009. You just can’t make this stuff up! But if 60 people contribute $300, or 600 send in $30… (you get the idea) even the IRS will recognize YOU VALUE THIS PUBLIC SERVICE.

What The World Needs Now…

Fortunately, we can put those funds to very good use! Isn’t the world’s need for financial integrity greater now than it’s ever been? There is much more we can do to “spread the word.” Here are some ideas we’re considering:

  • Hire a part-time wiki/volunteer organizer, to recruit more contributors, expanding the website and helping more new-comers find tools and examples for their particular path;
  • Create more individual support avenues, like a one-on-one mentor network
  • Fund a research project around who gets out of debt and how; (believe it or not, this has not been researched!)
  • Help speakers customize and market their talks and groups, expanding the spread of this work to diverse populations around the world.

The New Road Map Foundation has always been the hub of value-based personal finance, and has the platform to further spread the practice of financial integrity – WITH YOUR HELP. What more do you want done, and will you donate some money to make it happen? We'll not only live the FI principles together, we’ll help others do so also, far and wide. And the government will have its boxes checked and columns added up!

Write your check now (why give Paypal a cut?) and mail with your suggested uses to:

New Road Map Foundation
PO Box 1363
Langley, WA 98260 USA

Sincere thanks from the new Board of Directors of New Road Map:
Tom Trimbath
Fred Ecks
Rozie Hughes

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