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From Financial Integrity

Alan - FI the second time around

  • Rural, Northwestern United States
  • Multi-adult household
  • Two children/dependents

My wife Tricia and I were some of the earliest FI adopters. I remember coming across Joe’s recorded seminar in college (link to About NRM) and knew right away that what he described was what I wanted – to be financially independent by age 30. Tricia soon came to share that goal.

Being bilingual, my “maximizing your income” skill discussed in Step 7 was as a translator and interpreter. Tricia earned her FI income as a massage therapist. By the time we were married, we had each accumulated a nest egg sufficient to be financially independent for our current lifestyle. But we had bigger dreams -- of a rural learning and living center for sustainability. When the perfect piece of land became available, we realized that Tricia’s nest egg, plus some help from parents, could purchase it outright while my FI income could cover basics with a little bit of work on the side. We felt very secure in both our relationship and our home and decided to start a family, something that wasn’t in the cards just a few years before.

With two children to support, however, we found we could no longer live on our FI income, so we formed a mediation and training company and started renting out unused buildings on our land. We are committed to our entire family becoming Financially Independent and still do all the steps the second time around. The first FI allowed us to train in skills we consider essential for transformational change -- permaculture, nonviolent communication, integral philosophy and the FI program itself – skills we now use in our practice. Together we consider these the crucial curriculum for change agents, and we frequently teach one or more of these modules to individuals, agencies and institutions in our area.

Had we not worked diligently towards our first FI, I would still be a translator and interpreter and Tricia would still be doing massages, and we would probably be living in rental houses in the city. Our second FI, however long it takes to get there, will free us to develop a cohousing community on our land, making it a model of sustainability.

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