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From Financial Integrity

American Debt Project

Because Just Being Smart Won't Get You Out of Debt.

The American Debt Project personal finance blog describes itself this way:

"Debt is the shadow side of wealth. It’s as old as wealth. It’s been around in every human society in some form or another. Personally, I’ve accumulated enough of it to make my grandmother blush and I’m in the process of paying it all off to live a life that is truly free. Freedom to me is the ability to earn an income independent of any 9-to-5 job and to use that income to live at least part-time in a tropical place and create interesting and useful things. American Debt Project is my chronicle of getting out of debt, the ideas that are helping me change my ways, and a look at government, education and any other institution that is meant to serve the people but has been warped or gotten lost along the way."

A useful and entertaining mix of ideas on frugality and debt reduction, investing, book reviews, macroeconomics and politics, and personal experience. Check it out here .

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