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Canadian resources

This page contains resources specific to the needs of Canadian citizens. For additional topics and tools of general interest, see the main Resources categories as well.

Resources include books, web sites, video and podcasts, online tools, communities, and anything else you can think of that would be helpful to others in successfully following the Financial Integrity program. In this section you can share resources you have found, explore those posted by others, and start or enter a discussion about a specific resource.

By Topic

By Step

Share your resources
Please add a resource you've found helpful to the appropriate topic or step page. Questions about contributing? To add a resource, you'll need to:

  • First create an account and log in. Confirm your email address through the email that will be sent to you. If you are a member, you must be logged in to contribute.
  • Read the Contribution Guidelines and Help page before adding your resource.
  • Send your information to and we'll add your resource to the appropriate page.
  • Style note: Please list the resource name, a brief description, web link and the category tag. You will be able to edit your resource after we add it. Basic formatting help is available here.

Want to discuss a resource?
The best way to address any content is to use the Discussion function at the top of that page. If you're the first to discuss a resource, you'll need to create a discussion page.

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