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Loan and debt calculators

Personal debt calculators

Personal finance assessment, planning and payoff calculators
Get Out of Debt Guy debt payoff calculators.
Ready for Zero debt elimination tool. invest-or-repay-debt calculator
Squawkfox debt reduction spreadsheet
Yahoo!'s debt calculators.
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Mortgage loans and real estate mortgage calculator, multiple calculators (rent-vs-buy, refinance, etc.) debt calculators, including mortgage mortgage loan, payoff and comparison calculators
GetSmarterAboutMoney buy-or-rent calculator
Moneyville Mortgage and Rent or Buy? calculators
Yahoo!'s real estate calculators.
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Credit card debt repayment and optimizer calculators
Squawkfox long-term interest calculator
Yahoo!'s credit card calculators.
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Student loans and education financing savings, repayment and debt calculators college cost and debt calculators student loan calculators
Yahoo!'s education calculators.
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Consumer loans auto and other loan calculators debt calculators
Yahoo!'s loan calculators.

Insurance insurance needs and costs calculators
Moneyville life insurance calculator
Yahoo!'s insurance calculators.
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