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Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups and Study Groups are informal gatherings of people who meet on a regular basis to support each other in transforming their relationships with money by following the nine steps of the Financial Integrity program. They can take place in person, via teleconference or online, and they can follow a variety of formats. Please see the Group Study Workbook for more information on how to form and run a group.

List your group
You can list your Financial Integrity group. You must first be a member of this site. To join, create an account and log in. Confirm your email address through the email that will be sent to you. Send your information to and we'll add your group to the appropriate page.

Want to start a group?
Check out this document written by Penny Yunuba and the Boston FI community. Some of the information in it applies to the original study guides, but it is useful no matter which guides you choose to use.

Want to discuss a group?
The best way to address any content is to use the Discussion function at the top of that page. If you're the first to discuss a group in your part of the world, using the discussion function will take you to a link to create a discussion page for your area.

Simple Living Forums
The Simple Living Forums are a community of similarly minded folk where you might find others to form a group online or in the real world.

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