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From Financial Integrity

Do You Know Where Your Money Goes?

Step 3 introduces tracking your spending as an essential step to transforming your relationship with money. Here are some resources – tips, tricks, and tools – to help you get started, get organized, or just get better.

Track Your Spending – Or Not: Wisebread has some wise words on how tracking your spending helps you align spending with values. “The question is, are you the sort of person whose spending aligns closely with your true values? Or, are you the sort of person who doesn't know whether your spending aligns with your values or not?”

Be In Charge of Your Finances: more from Wisebread.

Do You Know Where Your Money Goes?: an overview from Moneycrush.

Spending Diary: Online tool for tracking your spending. Free, requires sign-up

Tracking Your Spending: overview by Iowa State University

Track Every Penny You Spend: tips and tricks from Get Rich Slowly

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