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From Financial Integrity

Freedom Through Frugality (spend less, have more)

Available November 15, 2010

Are you worried about money? Feel that you don't have enough, or don't know where it's going? Do you yearn to have the freedom to pursue your dreams, whatever they are? Then it's time to embrace frugality -- the art of living the way you want, within your means. Frugality will bring you so much -- peace of mind, time with your loved ones, a good night's sleep, and no bill collectors. But, most of all, it will bring you the precious gift of freedom.

To keep life interesting, Jane Dwinell has done many things over the years, both paid and volunteer. She has been (and, in some cases, continues to be) a nurse, farmer, business owner, chef, carpenter, salsa maker, maple syrup producer, guardian ad litem, teacher, hospice chaplain, parish minister, author, consultant, quiltmaker, knitter, actress, singer, yoga practitioner, long distance runner, downhill skier, disc golf player, live-aboard boater, mother, daughter, partner, sister, aunt, and friend. She, and her partner, Sky Yardley, divide their time between New Orleans, Vermont, and France.

Ordering info: through the website $20, postage included. Library copies, $12. Since in the book, I encourage people to use the library and stop purchasing books :^), I encourage the FI readers to purchase a copy for their library (or get the library to do it) for $12 each. I would love to see a copy in every library in the country...

Read more about Jane's FI experiences in her Story.

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