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From Financial Integrity

Gordon Morrow

Financial Intergrity Trainer/Mentor

Location: Hamilton/Toronto Ontario Canada Geographic Area North America -- EDT

Congratulations to Jane G, Lynda H and Sheila M on completing the 5 Week Course Financial Integrity Program. Your keen interest and hard work over the past 5 weeks has provided you with a great start on your FI journey. It has been a pleasure for me to work with such motivate group of ladies. I wish all of you the best as your continue your journey to FI.

Do you live in Hamilton, Burlington or surronding area and want to attend Financial Integrity classes? I would be glad to offer this 5 week course to those who have an interest in Transforming their Relationship with Money. If you are interested please contact me at choosefi@gmail.comto express your interest. Once I have minimum of 3, I can start a new class. The cost is $100 per person.

If you live in another part of Canada and your group or organization wants to have this program offered in your area: Contact me to see if we can make it happen. I can be reached via email at or or by phone at 905-628-3159.

Perhaps you have been working throught the 9 Steps of the Financial Integrity Program on your own using the FREE program guide and are having some challenges. You do not have to do struggle on your own. I provide FI mentoring to those who feel they would benefit from some guidance. I have been following the FI principles for over 25 years and reached my crossover point in 1996. There is a small hourly fee for this service. If you are interested in my services as a mentor: email me at or check out my FI Mentor page on my blog [1]

To read more about me, see my story page.

I also write a blog about TIME and MONEY that provides tips on getting the most out of your life. The blog follows the principals of the Financial Integrity Program. Check it out at

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