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How to add a resource

Resources are books, websites, software, dvds, groups, or anything else that may help people carrying out the Financial Integrity program, but are not directly related to carrying out a particular step. For example, tracking software may help people carry out Steps 2 and 3, tracking and tabulating expenses, but it is not created with the program in mind. In contrast, Jonathan Allan's Excel spreadsheets were created specifically to carry out Steps 2 and 3. Specific step related materials belong in Tools and Examples.

Getting started
First, you will need a name and short (about five word) description for your resource, and the web address (URL) of the topic or step pages your resource belongs under. Please note our naming convention: the name of the resource, followed by a dash and your short description of the resource. For example, "National Foundation for Credit Counseling - education, counseling, and money management".

First, create the page
The easiest way to create a page is to search for the page name. Enter the desired page title, which is the name and description as listed above, into the search box at the top of the page and click Go. The results will indicate that no such page exists and offer a link to help you create a page.

Adding content
Next, in the page editor add:

  • The resource name at the top with equal signs on either side (no spaces next to the equals). This creates the page title.
  • Insert two returns to create a line break
  • Enter your resource description

To add a link to a web page, type a left bracket ([) followed by the complete URL, with http:// on the front, followed by a space and the words "Visit (resource name)" and finally a right bracket (]). Read this page for more on how to link pages.

Adding your page to category
The last step is to add your page to a category. This allows others to find the page by topic. If you do not categorize your page, it can only be found in a search for the name or description!

In the topics list, find the relevant topic. Click on that topic and look at the URL of that page. Copy the end of the URL, beginning with "Category:". Now take that text and add it on a new line at the bottom of your page between double brackets ([[]]). You can add a page to multiple categories by adding repeating these steps for each topic you'd like to list your resource under, each on a new line.

If you edit an existing resource you'll see an example of this formatting. Please cancel out of the page rather than saving when you do this. To read more about editing pages, visit how to edit a page on Mediawiki.

If you're making very minor changes to your resource checking the box "minor edit" minimizes work for the moderators.

Thank you for adding your resource!

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