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From Financial Integrity

New Day - A Poem

A new day is upon us
full of new hopes and

Will we continue to live the
status quo or will we let
it go?

Can we find a new path?

A new way to live that is
less harm to all of creation?

Will we truly follow the path
less traveled or continue
the path that leads to our


- Jeff Jackson

This post won the 2010 FI Writing Competition award for Best Poem. Find out about Jeff's ongoing journey to Financial Integrity.

Interview with Jeff Jackson

Congratulations to Jeff, whose story was chosen as the Best Poem winner in the first annual Financial Integrity writing competition. He was kind enough to answer a few questions so we could get to know more of his story.

FI: Who first inspired you to consider your financial philosophy?

Jeff: Hard to answer. My inspirations are so varied and can't be focused on just one.

FI: Do you know anyone else who tried your strategy? How did it work for them?

Jeff: I know Claire Schosser and Mike Gaillard who live in my area and they both have achieved "FI" as well they are in the new edition of "Your Money or Your Life" book. We visit them, communicate with them and consider them friends and mentors.

FI: Did you develop any tools, exercises or habits that haven't been captured in a book?

Jeff: Christy, my wife, came up with idea from her Aunt which was to start what we call “slush funds”. We would take all of our bills and figure out how often they were due and how to make smaller payments every paycheck. The idea was that it is easier to find $15 or $20 every month and let it build up in a separate account to the amount due, than to have to scramble to find the total amount all at once.

FI: What movie, story or music if any, inspires you?

Jeff: "How Much Land Does a Man Need" , by Leo Tolstoy

FI: Were you worried or affected during the recent economic contraction?

Jeff: I was worried since there were job cuts at my work and a 5% pay reduction but fortunately I was not among them. We as a family have been practicing elements of Voluntary Simplicity (also trying to reach FI) since about 2003 and our two twin girls were added in 2008 which makes it more of a challenge. Many of the people I read about have been practicing much longer than we have.

FI: What advice would you give your 20-year old self?

Jeff: Read Your Money or Your Life and start practicing it

FI: Would you give that advice to a 20 year-old now?

Jeff: Read Your Money or Your Life and start practicing it

FI: Have you changed your strategy as you've learned or aged?

Jeff: I am less "thing" orientated and more people / relationship orientated. I grew up mainly in the 'burbs and things seemed to have a higher value than strong friendships / relationships. Community was there but wasn't as strong as it used to be. I have been involved with bicycle advocacy which has finally come full circle to my own local community. I used to go to meetings farther away and now they are just "down the street".

FI: Are you drawn to tell others about your experience, or are you more likely to keep it quiet?

Jeff: I mostly keep quiet since it hasn't been a big topic. My bicycle commuting / living w/o my own car has caused more of a "stir" (we are a one car family).

FI: What other questions should I have asked?

Jeff: Can't think of any. Keep It Simple Smarty ;0)

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