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From Financial Integrity

<metadesc> Financial Integrity is a proven, comprehensive program of nine steps based on solid financial principles, that can get where you want to go faster than making them up yourself. And it's all free. Learn more today. </metadesc> <metadesc>Financial Integrity is a proven, comprehensive program of nine steps based on solid financial principles, that can get where you want to go faster than making them up yourself. And it's all free. Learn more today.</metadesc>

Welcome to the Financial Integrity wiki

We created this wiki to share what we've learned and make this the “go to” place for people looking to integrate financial integrity into their lives. We invite you to join and help build a thriving network of committed “FI'ers”. Add your expertise, advice and stories. So whether you’re just getting started or want to reconnect, find the information, tools and support you need to maintain momentum for the long haul. About the Program | What is a Wiki?

Free practical tools grounded in financial wisdom

If you're new to the Financial Integrity program, get ready for a fundamentally different approach to personal finance. This program helps you transform your relationship with money-whether your goal is to get out of debt, become financially independent or align your financial decisions with your personal values.

Tools, tricks and examples
Share with your fellow program participants how you've overcome struggles or achieved success with the program. Post that new spreadsheet format you developed to more easily track spending. Invite people to your study group. Lead by example.

Calling all coaches, instructors and organizations
We have created program materials-free and fully downloadable, filled with everything you need to share the Financial Integrity message with others via classes, workshops and seminars.

Materials on and downloadable from this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

What's New

In The News - Heartbleed, a hole in Internet security

Heartbleed is possibly the most serious breach of Internet security so far. It is not a virus, which means it is not going to infect your computer. It is a bug, which means it is a bit of bad or malicious programming that must be fixed by the host. For almost everyone, the best response is to change your passwords. For those that need a bit more information, here are some links to get started and Heartbleed Hit List. If you want a quirky image of how Heartbleed works, well, we found that too.

In The News - No work emails after 6pm in France

No email after 6pm? The French are famously in favor of work-life balance, even to the point of making it part of legally binding labor agreements. Celebrate - as we know you will.

In The News - The Money Paradox

"How does money motivate, trick, satisfy and disappoint us?" An NPR & TED podcast shares insights into our relationship with money.

Event - Train the Trainer

NRM Board President Rose Hughes will lead a training weekend entitled “Train-the-Trainer.” The workshop will bring together FI’ers who are interested in "spreading the word".

When: May 10-11 What: 10 hours of instruction & group interaction via teleconference/webinar Cost: $100

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New Road Map Foundation

Yes, free personal finance tools! What gives?

The Financial Integrity program has its roots in the groundbreaking work of the late Joe Dominguez, co-author with V. Robin of the best seller Your Money Or Your Life. This wiki is sponsored by the non-profit New Road Map Foundation (NRM). Founded in 1984 to disseminate the proceeds from Joe’s original seminar recordings, NRM continues via this web site to support people in transforming their relationship with money, and aligning their finances with their values.

New Road Map Foundation (NRM) freely offers the Financial Integrity material to anyone who can benefit from them, only asking that it be used and shared in the same spirit.

Volunteer Opportunity

Have you benefited from using the FREE Financial Integrity Program resources? Are you looking at a way to give back to the New Road Map Foundation (NRM), the non-profit charitable organization that brings you the Financial Integrity Program? NRM can always use volunteers to help us spread the word (did you know that we are almost completely volunteer run?) Please contact us if you'd like to join the team and help spread financial peace of mind.

Support NRM When You Search the Web

You can help support spreading the Financial Integrity approach when you search the web, shop online or dine out. Find out more about select New Road Map Foundation and they'll donate about a penny to NRM every time you access web searches.

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