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<metadesc> Financial Integrity is a proven, comprehensive program of nine steps based on solid financial principles, that can get where you want to go faster than making them up yourself. And it's all free. Learn more today. </metadesc> <metadesc>Financial Integrity is a proven, comprehensive program of nine steps based on solid financial principles, that can get where you want to go faster than making them up yourself. And it's all free. Learn more today.</metadesc>

Welcome to the Financial Integrity wiki

We created this wiki to share what we've learned and make this the “go to” place for people looking to integrate financial integrity into their lives. We invite you to join and help build a thriving network of committed “FI'ers”. Add your expertise, advice and stories. So whether you’re just getting started or want to reconnect, find the information, tools and support you need to maintain momentum for the long haul. About the Program | What is a Wiki?

Free practical tools grounded in financial wisdom

If you're new to the Financial Integrity program, get ready for a fundamentally different approach to personal finance. This program helps you transform your relationship with money-whether your goal is to get out of debt, become financially independent or align your financial decisions with your personal values.

Tools, tricks and examples
Share with your fellow program participants how you've overcome struggles or achieved success with the program. Post that new spreadsheet format you developed to more easily track spending. Invite people to your study group. Lead by example.

Calling all coaches, instructors and organizations
We have created program materials-free and fully downloadable, filled with everything you need to share the Financial Integrity message with others via classes, workshops and seminars.

Materials on and downloadable from this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

What's New

On the wiki: Take our survey!

In keeping with its mission of promoting personal Financial Integrity through education, information, and encouragement, New Road Map Foundation is sponsoring a study of methods used by individuals and families who have successfully gotten out of debt. A project in cooperation with students at the University of Colorado Denver, the study will be used to develop educational materials to help other consumers to avoid or resolve financial distress in lasting, meaningful ways. Take the survey

In the news: What Is "Enough"? Achieving the Right Balance in Our Lives and Families

Some solid thoughts from Center for a New American Dream about how to find what is enough, and help children understand the concepts.

Resources: Bogleheads

No, they're not word-game addicts. Bogleheads is a forum and wiki dedicated to discussion of personal investment information.

Resources: Car replacement calculator

Is your old car sucking up more of your wealth than you can justify? Here's a tool to help you decide.

Resources: Especially for Canadians

We've added several new resources of particular interest to our Canadian members (plenty of universal information makes them well worth your time to check out).
Moneyville - award-winning personal finance blog
Squawkfox - frugal living with panache
Canadian Couch Potato - low-stress investment strategies (also works for American investors)

Tools and examples: Ready for Zero

If you need help organizing and managing your own debt elimination plan, Ready for Zero may be a helpful tool for you.

Resource: Lending Club

Maybe you’re looking for an alternative to borrowing from the giant multinational banks, or for a lower-cost, fixed-rate loan as a step to retire debt. Or perhaps you want to put some of your money to work investing in the lives of real people, while minimizing risk. One option might be peer-to-peer lending such as Lending Club.

Resource: Canadian Dream - Free at 45

An early-retirement blog with specific resources for Canadians, as well as useful general information.

In the news: Domestic outsourcing: practical or wussypants?

With typical attitude and humor, Mr. Money Mustache presents convincing arguments on why “insourcing” is an important component of achieving financial – and life – independence, as well as increased satisfaction, in this article on his blog.

Resource: Sharing through personal lending'

As you progress toward financial freedom, you may find yourself in a position to consider lending your life energy: what do you need to know to do so responsibly? Learn more here.

Resource: Get out of debt guy

The Get Out of Debt Guy provides a broad resource for individuals concerned about getting and staying out of debt.

Resource: The Story of Stuff Project

Explore our relationship with Stuff through the multimedia resources at The Story of Stuff Project, and discover ways to reduce consumption for a more sustainable life.

In the news: B corporations: driving a new ecology of commerce

“What is enough?” is both a personal question and one for a wider perspective. Center for a New American Dream explores Benefit Corporations, an evolution in capitalism to "to incorporate greater value for consumers, companies, and other stakeholders.”

Resource: MoneySense

MoneySense is a general-purpose financial website providing specific advice and resources for Canadians.

In the news: Look Out, Here Comes the 1099-K

As the January 24 post on Bloomberg Businessweek warns, if you sell goods or services via e-Bay, Etsy, or any venue that provides merchant services, your payment processor is now sending your transaction information directly to the IRS. The article outlines some of the important things you need to know. (Here's a hint: those Step 2 tracking skills are a must!)

Resource: LearnVest

LearnVest is a website offering financial tools and support to help you align your spending with your values and increase your savings.

In the news: Reducing Unemployment by Shrinking the American Workforce

Do recent reported decreases in the unemployment rate stand up to a second look? explains how these data numbers are created, and why it may be wise not to react too quickly in decision-making based on statistics.

Tools & examples: Tracking and money management tools

Check out some new tools for tracking expenditures ( Step 3) and general financial management.

On the wiki: Organizing study groups

We have members in Brazil and the UK who are interested in starting up local study groups, or perhaps online study groups. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining in, send us an email at info(at), and we'll help connect you.

We'd also be interested in volunteers who would like to help us translate the study guides into Portuguese (or any other languages).

Resources: Financial Integrity classes

Gordon Morrow is offering a 10-week course, TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY, in Ontario this January. Check out the details on Gordon's Speaker page

More updates on What's New

The New Road Map Foundation

Yes, free personal finance tools! What gives?

The Financial Integrity program has its roots in the groundbreaking work of the late Joe Dominguez, co-author with V. Robin of the best seller Your Money Or Your Life. This wiki is sponsored by the non-profit New Road Map Foundation (NRM). Founded in 1984 to disseminate the proceeds from Joe’s original seminar recordings, NRM continues via this web site to support people in transforming their relationship with money, and aligning their finances with their values.

New Road Map Foundation (NRM) freely offers the Financial Integrity material to anyone who can benefit from them, only asking that it be used and shared in the same spirit.