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The New Roadmap
Foundation is a non-profit
organization that depends
on public donations
to spread the message of
Financial Integrity.


From Financial Integrity

MISSION STATEMENT The New Road Map Foundation supports people in transforming their relationship with money, and aligning their financial choices with their values.

VISION STATEMENT Through our work, The New Road Map Foundation envisions more and more people transforming their relationship with money. As a result of that transformation, we envision people freeing up their life energy in order to have a sense of “enough-ness,” living more sustainable lifestyles, creating community, and participating in further personal and cultural transformation.

VALUES STATEMENT As an organization, the New Road Map Foundation values

Service and Contribution: directing our energies to benefit each other and society as a whole; through means that are grounded in

Practicality: addressing the day-to-day basic needs of individuals; with tools that increase

Financial Intelligence: the knowledge and understanding of basic monetary and economic concepts to enable productive decision-making; in order to foster

Financial Integrity: sound personal and organizational financial situations that enable the achievement of stated goals; and achieve

Financial Independence: freeing the relationship with money from issues around security, identity, power, etc. and creating a personal economics that enables the pursuit and achievement of fulfillment. We strive for

Sustainability: creating systemic conditions for the best long-term outcomes for our organization, the individuals affected by it, the societies we operate within, and our shared global ecology; and recognize that achieving this depends upon

Personal transformation: growing awareness and capacity for addressing the complexities of an interdependent life.

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