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Organic Housekeeping

by Ellen Sandbeck

Here's a review by Lifestyles of the Destitute and Obscure: "Organic Housekeeping: In which the Nontoxic Avenger shows you how to improve your health and that of your family while you save time, money, and, perhaps, your sanity by Ellen Sandbeck

"This is the best how-to housecleaning and organization book, um maybe EVER. It sounds dull and exhaustive, but is entertaining as well as helpful, and does indeed cover everything as the lengthy subtitle suggests. Sandbeck has done her research and applies it liberally throughout the book, giving you a whole new look at ‘clean’—the definition of which, (no) thanks to modern hyperactivity over bacteria and dirt is now more toxic than ever. Good, old-fashioned vinegar and baking soda are her stand-bys and there’s nothing more cleansing than fresh air and sunshine, as your grandmother might say. Sandbeck, as she notes in the beginning, did not write this book in order to make you commit your entire life to cleansing your home, but precisely so you could know how to do it quickly, efficiently and non-toxically so you can better do what you like to do best. For her, it happens to be gardening, and she touches on a tidy and well-organized garden in this book as well. She also happens to have a couple of gardening books out there, which are pretty nifty, too."

An updated version, Green Housekeeping, is also available.