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From Financial Integrity

People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies

by Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietaer and John Rogers

People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies was published on 5th July 2012 by Triarchy Press in England. It tells the stories of 16 local currency systems, based on interviews with practitioners from around the world.

The growth vs. austerity options under consideration will do little to help the financial sector stabilise. According to the IMF, there have been at least 145 banking crises, 208 monetary crashes and 72 sovereign-debt crises in the last 40 years and these are bound to continue if we stay with the present approach.

It is not just another downturn in the business cycle but a deep systemic crisis caused by the rift between a casino economics based on monetary speculation and the social and ecological realities of our time. The only way to bridge this chasm between money and planet, between money and people is to reinvent money. Many communities around the world are doing just that.

Regional currencies featured in the book include:

Banco Palmas, Brazil ~ WIR Bank, Switzerland ~ The Business Exchange, Scotland ~ Community Connect Trade, USA ~ RES, Belgium ~ PuntoTRANSaccioines, El Salvador ~ Brixton Pound, England ~ Talente Tauschkreis Vorarlberg, Austria ~ Equal Dollars, USA ~ BerkShares, USA ~ Chiemgauer, Germany ~ SOL Violette, France ~ Ithaca HOURS, USA ~ Dane County Time Bank, USA ~ Blaengarw Time Centre, Wales ~ Community Exchange System, S. Africa ~

Order a copy at your local bookshop or direct from the publishers or the Kindle e-book version from Amazon.

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