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Peter Rodgers

Life Coaching Australia

Location: Port Macquarie, NSW
Geographic Area: Australia

I have studied economics, law, personnel management, psychology and hold a BA degree from the Australian National University with a triple major in human sciences, anthropology and South Asian (Indian) studies. In addition I am a Certified Financial Planner with twenty six years’ experience in financial planning and financial coaching. I am a graduate of Coach U and the Graduate School of Coaching. My anthropology (the study societies and social systems) training provided the understanding of the power and the limitations associated with paradigms (a way of looking at the world). Once we understand that there are unlimited ways of looking at the world, we open up to tremendous freedom in our thinking and actions. Also understanding paradigms increases our tolerance and reduces our prejudice and ability to be manipulated by others. My spiritual practice provides me with great support in all areas of my life and for more than a decade I led a weekly Tibetan Buddhist meditation and study group. I have owned my own businesses for almost forty years in a variety of fields. Along the way I have also lived a self-sufficient lifestyle in the Australian bush and hand built a mud brick house.

My financial coaching website is, which is presently being rebuilt.

And this explains where I am coming from:

Financial Coaching - Financial freedom from the inside out ! Most people with money problems try to fix their problems from the outside, for example by setting up a budget. Unfortunately many financial coaching programs do the same thing. Sad to say the outcome is much the same as many fad diets - starting off with the best of intentions, staying with it for a while, dropping off and finding themselves back in much the same place that they started - maybe even with less money than they started out with. Really a bit like the New Year resolutions that rarely survive until Easter! So why is it that these programs so often fail? Because they deal with the symptoms (I don't have enough money or I want to lose weight) and not the underlying causes. The Money for Life Program recognises that while the symptoms of not having enough money are painful and important, no lasting change will happen unless the underlying causes are uncovered, recognised, understood and dealt with. That's when we have true and permanent change.

This speaker has committed to abide by the Financial Integrity Speaker’s Agreement

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