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(Previous featured Resources and Tools)
(Previous featured Resources and Tools: transfer from main, hkp)
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=Previous featured Resources and Tools=
=Previous featured Resources and Tools=
'''[[Family_giving| Family giving and voluteering]] and [[Practicing_gratitude|Cultivating gratitude]]'''<br>
'''[[Safety-First_Criterion| evaluating risk and reward]]'''<br>
'''[[Debt_calculators| Loan and debt calculators]]'''<br>
'''[[Debt_calculators| Loan and debt calculators]]'''<br>
'''[[Investment_calculators| Investment calculators]]'''<br>
'''[[Investment_calculators| Investment calculators]]'''<br>

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Previous featured Resources and Tools
Family giving and voluteering and Cultivating gratitude
evaluating risk and reward
Loan and debt calculators
Investment calculators
Tracking tools
The High Cost of Materialism
Getting the best value on home electronics
Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World
One Green Generation
Holidays simplified
Investopedia stock simulator
Understanding the time value of money
Do You Know Where Your Money Goes?
Can you live on $9 an hour? Play the game
We Are The 99 Percent and - compare banking options
Nancy Rae Evans Financial Integrity classes
Loan rates tool
The Financial Crossroads
90-second Finance
Transparency International
Moneycrush - practical advice and support for changing how you think about money
The debt myth
Debt snowballs and smart-phone apps
Sample study group invitation
Train-the-Trainer workshop
Ensure Your Financial Freedom in the Best Possible Way by Stewart Smith
What is an investment?
Compound interest savings calculator
Track Spending; Get What’s Important
Online freebies - tips and cautions
FBI Internet Crime website
FTC's Free trials: are they really free?
Treasure islands: Tax Havens and The Men Who Stole The World
The Not So Big Life
Student loan alternatives and payment resources
Soul Savvy
BrightScope, improving transparency in the financial industry
Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Shopping With A Conscience
The Joy of Less
The Simple Living Guide
Preparing for financial emergencies
Emotional Currency
Mortgage resources
Damon Day and Associates (neutral information about debt management options) (transparency in government)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (practical, inexpensive solutions for daily living)
Weighing In (tool for tracking spending)
Shop Your Wardrobe
Ethical Markets (economic sustainability and ethical investing)
Debtspiration (motivational quotes)
It’s Your Money (free online tracking/budgeting tool)
Personal Finance Software Reviews
The Great "Simple Living" Survey from The Simplicity Institute
The Career Clinic
Timebanks USA
Common Security Clubs
Consciously Frugal
Freedom Through Frugality (spend less, have more) Speakers, Discussion Groups, and Group Study Workbook
Smart phone apps to save you money
No Impact Experiment
The Cost of Cool
Template for tracking and tabulating
Self-Help Credit Union
EMMA One-Stop Source on Municipal Bonds Mutual Fund Expense Ratios – do they matter?
Personal Finance Templates
What to Look For In An Online Retirement Calculator
Post-consumers and paths to simpler living
Simple Living
7 Paths To A Better Life
National Foundation for Credit Counseling
In CHEAP We Trust: The Story of a Misunderstood American Virtue
Conscious Bookkeeping
The all new FI Group Study Workbook
What’s The Economy For, Anyway?
Community Wealth
RSF Social Finance - nonprofit financial services