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Real Sustainable Habits

Real Sustainable Habits offers information, tools, and community support for those who are looking to make positive lifestyle changes, but are struggling or don't know where to start. In particular, the site helps people cultivate habits in any one of four areas - i.e. diet, fitness, frugality, and mental focus, but providing resources in any one of four areas: how to adopt a well-rounded plant centered, vegetarian, or vegan eating a habit, how to incorporate exercise into one's daily routine, how to get out of debt and save money, and how to focus one's mind.

In other words... how to make your life awesome, in your own way. One step at a time, as much or as little as you're comfortable with. Self-described as your online dojo for changing your life, Real Sustainable Habits also offers a great definition of what "sustainable" means in terms of lifestyle choices, and its relationship to habits.

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