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Sharing your life energy through lending

As you work toward your goals and being to achieve financial freedom, you may find that your desire to give back to your community increases along with ability to so so. You may see a need - or be asked to help with one - or wish to help someone take advantage of opportunities, perhaps through lending to family or friends, or through microlending to someone in your community who has a business startup or charity idea you would like to support. But, how to do it responsibly, creating realistic expectations and legally-binding agreements to ensure that the loan of your life energy has the intended effects?

Several sites offer assistance, for a modest fee, in understanding the realities of personal lending, and creating agreements and payment schedules, and providing tracking tools, reminders, and other resources.

Slow Money
Lending Karma

Lending Circles

A lending circle is when people get together to form a group loan. Everyone in the group contributes money to the loan, and everyone gets a chance at taking the loan out. People across the world organize loans between friends or family without a financial institution all the time.

In the Mission District of San Francisco, California, the Mutual Asset Fund has formalized the process, protecting participants and increasing the benefits for borrowers.

MAF Lending Circles

Personal lending isn't a good fit for everyone: the blog RetailMeNot also offers some advice on personal lending in this article.

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