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Simple Living with Wanda Urbanski

PBS’s television series Simple Living with Wanda Urbanski, has gained a wide following since the show’s launch in 2004. In addition to Wanda’s book, The Heart of Simple Living, the site offers a variety of books, videos, and clips from the show, featuring a variety of ways to find satisfaction and “enough” by simplifying wants. Shows cover such subjects as Overcoming Overload, Simple Travel, Teens & Money, Green Building, and more. As described on the site:

"SIMPLE LIVING WITH WANDA URBANSKA examines what people can do to make their lives easier and more stress-free, from buying products that will last a long time to managing budgets more responsibly. The show focuses on four themes: *environmental stewardship, thoughtful consumption, community involvement and financial responsibility.*

“In each of the shows, when you make those lifestyle changes there are multiple and overlapping benefits. All of these benefits and changes are little changes, but they add up to a lot when taken together. They are ways for people to become more thoughtful about the way that we live, and to lessen our environmental footprint. From Wanda’s home base in Mount Airy, NC to your home base wherever you live, remember our mantra:*Nothing’s Too Small to Make a Difference.*”

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