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Find a speaker, be a speaker

Groups and organizations that want to hear more about the Financial Integrity program have access to a wide range of speakers to get their members started on the path to financial freedom. Speakers may be available for all sorts of duties including interviews, group facilitation, classroom instruction, and individual consultation. We've compiled a list of available speakers here, organized geographically and with contact information. New Road Map Foundation does not screen or endorse individual teachers/speakers/hosts, nor do they necessarily represent the organization.

Find a speaker
To find a speaker near you please visit one of the following.

Join the speaker list
If you would like to be listed as a speaker, there are a few steps to follow:

1. Read the Agreement page.

2. You must be a member of this site. To join, create an account and log in. Confirm your email address through the email that will be sent to you.

3. Send your information to and we'll add you to the Speakers list.

Resources for speakers
We are growing an area of resources just for people who are "spreading the word" about this program. To see what's on offering, or to offer tips and tools based on your experience teaching or hosting program discussions, see

Want to discuss a speaker?
The community is invited to share their experiences with Speaker listings, to help others find the most effective resource for their individual interests. The best way is to use the Discussion tab at the top of that page. If you're the first to discuss a speaker, you'll create the discussion page.

Speaker Agreement

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