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From Financial Integrity

Step 1. How much money has come into your life and what do you have to show for it?

This step is about taking a clear, honest look at your current financial situation and how you got there. This is important in orienting yourself toward positive change. Through Step 1 you’ll review your earning history and get an idea of how much money has come into your life. Then you’ll then take a look at how you’ve managed it, reviewing what you own and what you owe (assets and liabilities) in order to get an accurate picture of your financial situation today. Getting clear with the past prepares you to come into the present and make positive changes into the future.

In Step 1 you will create two tools for your journey to “enough.”

  • Your Lifetime Income Estimate
  • Your Personal Balance Sheet

To learn more about how to do this step, download the Financial Integrity Program Guide.

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