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From Financial Integrity

Step 2. Being in the present: Tracking your life energy

In Step 1 you calculated how much money you’ve earned in your life, and looked at how you’ve stewarded that money by creating a Personal Balance Sheet to get an accurate look at your current financial situation. Getting clear with your past has prepared you to come into the present – where you will look at the specifics of money in your daily life. With Step 2 you’ll start to take a closer look at the way money moves in and out of your life, day in and day out.

You will also take a look at what money is and develop a reality-based definition of money that helps you see what it really means to YOUR life. Implementing this step will radically change the way you think about money and how it works in your life.

The hands-on practices of this step include:

  • Calculating your REAL hourly wage (RHW).
  • Translating dollars spent into a meaningful measure: the time it took you to earn those dollars.
We call this your “life energy.”
  • Creating and following a method for recording all your daily money transactions. We call it “tracking your life energy.”

To learn more about how to do this step, download the Financial Integrity Program Guide.

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