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From Financial Integrity

Step 6. Respecting your life energy: Minimizing spending

In the previous steps you redefined money in a way that made it more real in your life – as a function of your life energy, your time. You have tabulated your monthly expenses, evaluated them in terms of fulfillment and alignment, and created a chart where you can visually see how they’re trending.

With Step 6 you look at ways to lower those expenses – because you respect your life energy and want to conserve it. You also want to be sure you’re spending it in a way that feels good to you. And you will look at expanding your sense of personal economics to include creating long-term value for yourself and others.

There are general principles that can naturally decrease expenses and maximize fulfillment. They involve the following processes:

  • evaluate each purchase in relation to fulfillment, goals and values
  • reduce spending that doesn’t bring maximum fulfillment
  • spend consciously by requiring maximum value for your money
  • consciously eliminate unnecessary spending altogether and find non-monetary ways of meeting those needs

In other words, stop spending life energy on stuff that is not bringing you maximum fulfillment in proportion to the life energy you spent on it. Think about how much space and time that might give you to focus on living your life in alignment with your goals and values!

To learn more about how to do this step, download the Financial Integrity Program Guide.

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