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Step 8. Capital and the crossover point

Whatever your specific goals in starting this program, the underlying intention probably has something to do with achieving clarity and ease in your relationship with money - and a sense of “enough-ness”. In Step 7 you looked at reaching enough employment and working for a finite period of time. Now in Step 8 you will learn how to predict just when that finite period can end; we call it the crossover point.

With Step 8 you look at how your savings -- your conserved life energy -- can be used as capital to earn investment income. Building on your wall chart (Step 5) you’ll project out to the point where you can expect your investment income line to cross over your expense line. This is when you can meet your expenses through investment income rather than paid employment. Projecting when that date might reasonably occur is empowering because it places your current employment within the larger framework of your financial goals and your purpose for "earning a living."

To learn more about how to do this step, download the Financial Integrity Program Guide.

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