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Sustainable Seattle

Sustainable Seattle seeks to build sustainable local communities by taking a new look at economic indicators and other measures of well-being. While Sustainable Seattle is focused on the local picture, it provides a pattern that other communities could follow to improve their own sustainability and vitality.

Sustainable Seattle participates in The Happiness Initiative, a national project offering tools and resources to communities and individuals seeking to enhance their well-being. In 1991, Sustainable Seattle became the first organization in the United States to develop local indicators of well-being as an alternative to GDP, based on the philosophy that there must be more to the economy than growth at any cost (see What’s the Economy For, Anyway?). For FIers, The Happiness Survey at the core of the Happiness Initiative provides a tool that can help you define your values and goals for FI, discovering what is most important to you - what “wealth” really means to you.

“Founded in 1991, Sustainable Seattle is a regional sustainability indicator organization: you get what you measure. We work with the community to measure and make progress towards sustainability. Our goals are social justice, collaboration and stewardship. Our programs include the Happiness Initiative, Flow for individuals. Sustainability Training for the community, Dream a Sound Future Competition for visionaries and Business Recognition Program and Sustainability Reporting for businesses."


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