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The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing

(Lisa Gansky, 2010)

Recommended by the Center for a New American Dream, which has this to say about Mesh:

"Most businesses follow the same basic formula: create a product or service, sell it, and collect money. What Lisa Gansky calls "Mesh" businesses throw this model out the window. Instead, these companies use social media, wireless networks, and data crunched from every available source to provide people with goods and services at the exact moment they need them, without the burden and expense of owning them outright. Already, hundreds of successful Mesh companies are redefining how we interact with the people, goods, and services in our lives. These businesses are spreading like wildfire, from bike sharing and home exchanges to peer-to-peer lending, energy cooperatives, and open source design.

"This book provides a paradigm shift in the way we think about consumption—moving away from the idea of 'owning' a product to simply having 'access' to it when needed. While it is clearly a business book (albeit one that provides a very new business model), I liked it because it provides a new vision for what our economy can look like—one that is more sustainable in terms of our environment and use of resources, and also one that can foster a greater sense of community and sharing." —Kathy Hedge, Deputy Director

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