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The New Roadmap
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Financial Integrity.


From Financial Integrity


As you may know, New Road Map Foundation created a free "Financial Integrity Instructors Guide" ( downloadable here) to help people teach the Nine Step Program - all nine steps - in a way that really integrates the material into people's daily lives. The guide can be used to produce a classroom-based 10-session course, a three-session series, or also be presented in a weekend workshop format. The course works to bring practical, worthwhile tools to a wide audience, and there has been wonderful feedback from students who have begun to transform their money lives as a result.

NRM Board President Rose Hughes has been offering this material in community education classes for 4 years.

On May 10-11 2014, New Road Map Foundation presented a webinar for people interested in "spreading the word" about the Financial Integrity Program. NRM Board President and FI instructor Rose Hughes donated nine hours of instruction time to help others build their own expertise in teaching others about the nine steps. Participants hailed from four corners North America, and were seasoned FI'ers with enthusiasm for sharing via blogs, classes, coaching and social media. Look for news of their upcoming offerings on this wiki's Speakers page and the Simple Living Forum!

If you are interested in attending or organizing a repeat of the class email us.

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