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From Financial Integrity

As Director of the New Road Map Foundation from June 2007 through October 2008, Rose took the reins in order to develop and implement a new business plan for the organization that asserts the ethic of free, open access, through a new "commons" paradigm. This involved re-casting the 9 step program as the Financial Integrity Program, and creating a community-edited "wiki" website where all NRM-published FI materials could be offered for free, under Creative Commons copyright. You are now participating in the results of her vision, thanks to the skilled and dedicated group that helped bring it to fruition.

In October of 2008, Rose was promoted to FI wiki moderator, and left for an extended trip to Southeast Asia and particularly Thailand. This trip was in part inspired by the knowledge that a Thai publishing firm had translated Money or Your Life, and the Thai sponsorship of the Gross National Happiness Conference in 2007 (which laboring on the new plan precluded her from attending) as well as family connections. Upon returning, she was elected as President of the Board of NRM.

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"If no one seems to understand, Start your own revolution and cut out the middleman" - Billy Bragg

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